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NOUV announces acquisition of Tuning Fork

“Acquiring Tuning Fork means that NOUV is now in line with international best practice where, as a professional services company, we are now fully-geared to also offer our clients a complete range of specialised advisory services which include business process reengineering, business diagnostics, operational reviews, ISO certifications and environmental management amongst others.”

This was stated by Mark Aquilina, Founding Partner of NOUV during the official signing of an agreement which saw NOUV acquiring a majority shareholding in Tuning Fork Advisory, a boutique business advisory company specialising in business process optimisation, competence building and people management, cyber resilience, data management, sustainability, and risk.

“This is an important milestone for NOUV’s growth strategy, the significance of which is reinforced by the fact that this is happening at a time that many would consider as uncertain. It shows our company’s resilience and predisposition to grow and achieve new heights,” added Mark Aquilina as he welcomed Tuning Fork’s team of ten professionals.

James Sammut, co-owner and director of Tuning Fork Advisory reiterated how both companies share the same vision to shape excellence at their clients’ organisations based on trust, professionalism and competence.

“We are looking at this development with great optimism but with down-to-earth realism. This is an opportunity for us to further develop our expertise and know-how, as well as extend our client base,” said James Sammut.

Tuning Fork Advisory bring years of experience from having supported a large number of major Maltese corporates, SMEs, government entities and Authorities to apply best-in-class business management systems, operational and people techniques conforming to the regulations, industry norms and standards. Tuning Fork Advisory framed and moulded its services simply by understanding the pains and needs of the clients and yielding value through effective solutions.

“NOUV is a fully-fledged business advisory company in its own right and has carved a merited place in the local financial services sector as a trusted and reputable firm, led by a team of passionate professionals. We are now proud to form part of NOUV and the coming months are going to be a very positive learning curve as we share experience and map our future growth as one team. Together – stronger – better,” concluded Sammut.

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