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GET GOVERNANZ is geared to offer the Public and Private Sectors with Tailored Training Programmes & Certifications in good governance, Anti-Corruption, Fraud Awareness, AML and Due Diligence. All courses and training programmes are officially accredited by the American Anti-Corruption Institute and International Due Diligence Organisation.

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why are we

doing this?

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We firmly believe that Good Governance is a key principle to be embraced by all public and private institutions.

The Malta Chamber of Commerce ‘ Good Governance Manifesto’   states three main pillars of good governance as accountability, transparency and the rule of law.

The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI), states that many countries do not have formal corruption prevention policies and that the average annual corruption costs as a percentage of gross revenues is 15% in developing countries and 7% in developed countries.

Our mission is to stimulate the cultural change that matters by providing private and public institutions with the necessary tools to implement a good governance framework and mitigate corruption.

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