what we do

GET GOVERNANZ is geared to offer the Public and Private Sectors with Tailored Training Programmes & Certifications in good governance, Anti-Corruption, Fraud Awareness, AML and Due Diligence. All courses and training programmes are officially accredited by the American Anti-Corruption Institute and International Due Diligence Organisation.


why are we

doing this?

Shaking Hands

We firmly believe that Good Governance, is a key principle to be embraced by all public and private institutions.

According to the Malta Chamber of Commerce manifesto for good governance, the three main pillars of good governance are accountability, transparency and the rule of law.

Furthermore, The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI), states that many countries do not have formal corruption prevention policies and that the average annual corruption costs as a percentage of gross revenues is 15% in developing countries and 7% in developed countries.

Our mission is to stimulate the cultural change that matters by providing private and public institutions with the necessary tools to implement a good governance framework.