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Making the shift from HR Departments to Human Capital Departments

Human Resources departments are unfortunately often seen as neither human nor resourceful. They are frequently viewed as a department to protect the organisation rather than the employees and their wellbeing.

Do you work in this sort of human resource department?

Do you think your employees view your HR department as one that puts the organisational needs before their own needs?

If this is the case, then you may want to make the shift from a human resource to a human capital department today.

HR needs to engage and empower employees – to grow, and achieve their goals whilst also contributing to the company’s objectives and achievements. HR is responsible for the development and leadership of the company, now and in the future. It needs to actively invest in the human capital of the organisation, and move away from telling the employee what they should be doing; instead allowing them the space to change their roles and contribute in a way that brings about the heathy change and progress the organisation requires.

HR shouldn’t solely facilitate administrative processes, but become a department that is leading the organic development of the organisation. As a department, it must collaborate with finance, operations, marketing, IT and other teams to solve any issues that may arise, and through synergy reach the business outcomes the organisation is after.

To achieve any transformation, the HR department must identify and better understand what the employees need, as well as what all departments require to continue in steady growth. It is only in this manner that employees will feel that HR has their overall growth and development at the heart of their interest; putting the humanity and resourcefulness back in ‘HR’.



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