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The Drivers of Employee Engagement

When employee engagement is higher this has a direct impact on productivity, retention rates, profits and customer satisfaction. Who wouldn’t want these 4 areas to improve in their organisation?

What are some of the drivers of employee engagement?

  1. Autonomy: if employees have autonomy it allows employees to make decisions and lets them know they are trusted. In an autonomous culture employees have the freedom to manage their time and tasks as they think is appropriate while still meeting the business needs.

  2. Capacity: how capable do workers feel when it comes to getting work done? They must feel capable physical, intellectually and emotionally. They should also be equipped the necessary resources so that they can perform at their utmost.

  3. Peer to Peer Relationships: when teams are strong and the rapport between colleagues is good this creates an environment based on trust.

  4. Fairness: do employees feel they are treated equally and fairly?

  5. Feedback: is the feedback system strong enough within the organisation? Do the employees feel they get frequent feedback which is constructive and is contributing towards a strengthened employee-manager relationships?

  6. Development & Goal Support: are employees getting the development they need so that they can work towards their goals within the organisation?

  7. Leadership: is the leader regularly available, approachable and accessible? Doe the leader show integrity by being committed to doing the right and best thing for the organisation and its employees at all times?

  8. Meaning & Purpose: employees want their work to be of meaning and for it to give them value. Do your employees feel their work is meaningful?

  9. Psychological Safety: do employees feel safe at their work place?

  10. Clear Roles: are employees clear about their roles? Do they understand how their daily tasks impact the business?

  11. Manager Relationship: is there a good rapport between the manager and respective employees? Is there mutual respect and a relationship based on trust?

  12. Rest: do employees feel they have the time to rest and ensure mental health and wellbeing?

Organisations should set up regular surveys and ensure they are measuring these drivers. This will give the organisation a clear indication of what needs to be improved.



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