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NOUV Launches Get Governanz

Encouraging private and public sectors to embrace good governance

NOUV, a multidisciplinary firm of certified and experienced public accountants, auditors, company service providers and certified information systems’ auditors today launched GetGovernanz, a new corporate initiative to promote good and sound corporate governance amongst the private and public sectors.

Get Governanz was set up in collaboration with the American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) together with the International Due Diligence Organisation (IDDO) and in partnership with the Malta Chamber of Commerce to offer advisory services on risk management, anti-corruption strategies, policies and their effective implementation.

More specifically, it will also be offering a set of training programmes and advisory services that focus on anti-corruption, fraud awareness, due diligence and anti-money laundering. All courses and training programmes will be officially accredited by the American Anti-Corruption Institute.

The initiative was launched today through a live webinar themed “Embracing Good Governance” organised jointly by NOUV and the Malta Chamber of Commerce for all its members.

“Companies are today moving beyond the concept of corporate social responsibility, a shift that is taking them towards more pressing issues such as the environment, society and governance,” explains Terrence Norris, CEO of Get Governanz who is spearheading this initiative.

Terrence Norris is a seasoned expert in audit, investigation and management consultancy services to the public and private sectors, and to international organisations for over 35 years. Besides being a Chartered Management Accountant (Canada) and holding a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Economics he received extensive training from International Organisations in risk assessment methodologies and mitigation strategies, fraud detection and prevention, and from the Inspector General Criminal Investigator Academy (USA) on Investigations and case management.

“At NOUV, we believe that corporate responsibility starts when businesses operate ethically and responsibly and we have built our business and reputation on providing local and international clients with trusted, ethical and professional financial, advisory and IT services. This is why we have now decided to make it our mission to promote good governance by setting up Get Governanz,” added Terrence Norris.

Through Get Governanz, NOUV, the AACI and the IDDO will assist local businesses, authorities and educational institutions on anti-corruption strategies and implementation methods through a pragmatic series of anti-corruption accreditation training and advisory services that nurture trust and transparency in the sector.

The first five training programs which are currently being finalized, will deal on how companies and organisations can implement fraud and corruption policies. These programs will also integrate fraud and corruption risk assessments and internal controls in the design process of the policies.

By the end of such programs, delegates will have obtained sufficient and proper understanding of the nature and types of fraud and corruption as well as the importance of internal control in fraud prevention, deterrence, and detection.

The team at Get Governanz also includes Mark Aquilina, Founder and Managing Partner at NOUV and Andrew Naudi, Technology Partner at NOUV, L. Burke Files, an international financial investigator and due diligence expert who has run cases in over 130 countries and Mike J. Masoud, an internationally known expert in the anti-corruption field who leads the American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) business and initiatives in the Middle East and Africa.


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