certification & training

Our Programmes are structured to discuss the objectives, elements, and effective implementation of an effective anti-fraud and anti-corruption policy.


By the end of the program, delegates will obtain a sufficient and proper understanding of the nature and types of fraud and corruption. They will appreciate the importance of internal control in fraud prevention, deterrence, and detection.

 Delegates will become familiar with how to design effective fraud and corruption policies for their organisations. They will be able to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of fraud prevention policy. They will become equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to play an effective role in the design and implementation of fraud prevention policy.

  • The Certified Anti-Corruption Manager certification training;

  • Anti-Corruption Certification Program for Organisations;

  • Due Diligence;

  • Fraud Detection, Investigation and Prevention



(Certified Anti-Corruption Manager)


(Anti-Corruption Certification Program for Organisations)


(Due Diligence)


(Fraud Detection, Investigation

and Prevention)